Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Endless Melancholy
Title: A Perception Of Everything
Format: CD + Download
Label: Sound In Silence
If you like your calm, melodic ambiences with a bit of a twist, here’s something interesting for you. On the surface, A Perception Of Everything is a familiar array of warm, expansive waves of chords, slow arpeggios and sonic velvety flatness. Rustling about under the surface are the details that give it a little more character.

“Letting The Old Dreams Die” has just a little glitchiness about it, a little edge that undercuts the slightly mis-named unbroken simplicity of opening track “Damaged”. There’s a slightly flangey wobbliness, almost a drunkenness at times, both on that track and in the ambling piano sounds of “Arrivals and Departures”.

The three-chord loop of “Immersion” is nicely mesmerising and relaxing, with not a shade of doubt. But an artist using the name ‘Endless Melancholy’ is surely obliged to offer up some more melancholic tracks, and they arrive in forms like “Across The Barren Land” which just oozes loneliness.

Crackling sounds, slight dischords, and other very gentle shades by which elements of reality creep into the abstraction. Short interlude piece “Cabo Da Roca”, with its turbulent and oddly lo-fi wave noises, that roll into and contrast against the synth-choir sounds in following track “The Edge”, hint at what might have happened if these atmospherics were explored more prominently.

Given the current global circumstances, a final track called “As The World Quietly Ends” might seem a bit of a touchy subject to some, but don’t worry- this release wraps up with a soothing, comforting glow and some sonic reassurance. If we are going out, we’re going out peacefully, according to this release.

Sound In Silence put out a high standard of ambient and related music and this is no exception. Definitely something to chill your boots to.