Thursday, July 9, 2020
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C.A.R.: Crossing Prior Street

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Artist: C.A.R.
Title: Crossing Prior Street
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Ransom Note Records
Chloé Raunet’s previous album “Pinned” and its remix spin-offs “Pinned Up” and “Pinned Down” left a decent impression on me when I reviewed them a couple of years back, so Crossing Prior Street, her third album, was a welcome arrival on my desk. It continues the same vibe as the previous release, but evolves it somewhat, taking the slightly punky and lo-fi pop aesthetic and bringing in broader-sounding production values, but also a slightly more introspective and less aggressive attitude.

There’s still a poppy aesthetic thread running through the heart of it. The warm, danceable bass guitar line on “Sore Loser”, or the infectious robo-groove and strangely Grace Jones-like melody of “Steals The Dance”, are prime examples of alt-pop. It’s empowering, turns its awkwardness into a strength, and sounds not quite like anything else you’ve ever heard. The twisty analogue pads of “Flight And Pursuit” throw you straight back to the 80’s without being synthwave.

The darker and more experimental sections include “Pressure Drop”, a fairly affronting bit of beatless beat poetry set onto pitched vocal samples and noisy atmospherics. “Drop Out”’s quirky vocal treatments support the “so childish” lyric,

The press release for Crossing Prior Street paints a very bleak picture of Raunet’s lonely and barren transfer from Vancouver to London as a teenager, and while this and the leaping artwork might suggest you’re in for a shocking emotional ride, this never quite arrives- and frankly I’m a little grateful for that. In fact tracks like “Distraction” are, dare I say it, nothing short of cheerful.

It’s a personal affair, but not excessively so, and for anyone who likes their pop music punky, alternative and individualistic, this should be highly recommended.


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