Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Inaud1bl3: Doppelsterne E.P.

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Artist: Inaud1bl3
Title: Doppelsterne E.P.
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: FarmersManual GT- Generate And Test
This short review is slightly late, as Austrian Christian Haudej’s inaud1bl3 monicker is putting out a new release every time there’s a Friday 13th. This results in a fairly prolific but inconsistent release schedule, with the next output due in November.

This EP offers up six fairly short songs, all with German vocals laid over a range of different brooding electronica layouts that throw in a variety of dramatic elements, and a very guitar slams, but which at times will also play things down, with gentle stepping and trap beats and some nice smooth bass rolls.

Highlights include the surprisingly powerful “Schweben”, where the guitar cuts through at just the right moments and feels oddly empowering, and the blissful noise-chaos that’s injected into “Dein Herz Klopft An (remix)” which takes things firmly in a Venetian Snares direction.

The musical production is a few steps ahead of the vocal quality though. There’s a lo-fi and somewhat single-take vibe about the vocal that makes these tracks feel like demos. Part of this is the sleepy and introspective singing style, but it’s more than that- and in some ways it’s just as simple as the vocal needing more volume and more care in the mix. Coupled with a slight lack of hooks or strong chorus melodies, it loses a bit of punch as a result. The title track is one of the weaker tracks as a result of this.

A curious alt-pop EP with a slightly home-made feel but some really strong production qualities and a lot of character.


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