Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Artist: Porn (@)
Title: No Monster In God's Eyes (Act III)
Format: CD + Download
Label: Echozone (@)
Rated: *****
'No Monster In God's Eyes' is French Goth-Industrial band (they call it “murder-rock”) Porn's final act in their concept trilogy which began with 'The Ogre Inside' (Act 1) and continued with 'The Darkest of Human Desires' (Act 2). I reviewed 'The Ogre Inside' back in September 2017, but not ‘TDOHD’ Act 2. 'The Ogre Inside' was about the inner struggle of the enigmatic anti-hero (Mr. Strangler), his dark desires and how society can oppress your will. This is a fight no one can win, the Ogre that devours you from the inside always wins. In the second opus, Mr. Strangler, by embracing his “true self “, expresses his dark impulses without limitations and has no boundaries. With his crew, Mr. Strangler commits murders and massacres. He also invites everyone to make a step forward and act, invites you to express your darkest desires and join his death cult. For Mr. Strangler and his team, the Ogre was released. They let the darkest of human desires be: murder. In this last part, Mr. Strangler’s bloody odyssey comes to an end. He is in jail awaiting execution. This final Act is his testament. Faced with the imminent end of his life, he takes stock of his life and begins a dialogue with his death and enjoins everyone to continue his work… the work of God, because if God exists everything is his. And even the worst monsters are the children of God. There are no monsters in God’s eyes.

I did manage to preview ‘The Darkest of Human Desires’ as reference for this review. The album is rather “in your face” bold, almost like listening the serious side of Marilyn Manson (which maybe he has, but isn’t showing or telling). ‘No Monster In God’s Eyes’ is a rather different affair, but still, you can pretty much tell from the stark looking electric chair on the cover that this isn't going to end well. Philippe Deschemin's lyrics express a wide range of Mr. Strangler's feelings - anger, defiance, longing, resignation, disgust, hope...but definitely not sorrow, remorse, pity, regret or despair. Yes, he's managed to get inside the mind of a serial killer, and it ain't pretty. The music is appropriately down as well, heavy and somewhat morose. While there is plenty of muscular industrial guitar, the band also explores less forceful and more sensitive musical aspects ala The Cure. Calling this album well-rounded would be an understatement. Deschemin's vocals are prefect on 'NMIGE'; melodic yet convincingly dark and edgy, without being stereotypically hoarse and gravelly. The way it comes together is somewhat slick, as if the band's whole career has led up to this point. Porn is just a hair's breadth away from sounding like mainstream alt metal, but haven't quite crossed over into A Perfect Circle, HIM, Opeth, Orgy or Nine Inch Nails territory...yet. They still have their own unique identity, and a really good one at that. How much you’re going to enjoy the album really depends on how much you can buy into Deschemin's treatment of the serial killer concept, but most of the songs still sound pretty good on their own. I’d recommend getting the trilogy of albums, or at least listening to the other two first. (You’ve still got some time as this one is slated for a March 27th release date.) The album was mastered by Brian Lucey, who previously worked with Ghost, Marilyn Manson, Depeche Mode, Arctic Monkeys, and Royal Blood, so it sounds damn fine. The one thing that’s a shame about any band releasing a new album at this time is that Covid-19 has put a damper on doing supporting live shows nearly anywhere in the world. Hopefully that will change in the not too distant future.


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