Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Maxime Iko
Title: Pray For Us
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: BPitch
With a coronovirus stamping all over European raves and parties, a techno EP entitled Pray For Us is either well or badly timed depending on how you look at it, as it ends up carrying even more tension and dancefloor darkness than it intended- and it already carried a lot, with opening track “Dagyde” a relentless thumper of kicks and brooding atmospherics that’s a leap back to the almost naive-sounding tone of techno’s early dark side.

The title track, as A2, is equally unforgiving, a thick kick and short bass pattern that almost never lets up for six minutes, this time with the fairly subtly-handled addition of pitched-down vocals about the apocalypse that (thankfully) sound more like a classic house spoken-word cliché than any kind of fresh statement of the world’s current problems.

The B side has a little more variety. “Telekinesis” is gentler, but only relatively speaking- still a tribal techno workout, but this time a touch more sparse with a nice plinky high synth line, holding back some nice sinister chords as a nice twist for its second half. But it’s final track “Words”, with its extra electro elements and intriguing whispered “unnecessary” vocal chant and strangely mesmerising melodic loop, that ends up stealing the show.

Right now it feels like there will be more people dancing round their living rooms than to clubs on this one, but nevertheless it’s another rich DJ weapon that delivers exactly what you want from BPitch.