Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Artist: Halo Manash
Title: Unetar
Format: CD
Label: Aural Hypnox (@)
Rated: *****
Almost concomitant with the re-issue of the series of private sessions of "Underworld Transmission", Aural Hypnox re-issued another sold out release, previously edited in a strictly limited 40-minutes lasting cassette in 2016 (40 copies for the standard edition and 40 copies for the box set), a recording that Halo Manash made by collecting audio material during a private ritual theyh name "Tulitania", held in the wood of Northern Ostrobothnia - close to the Oulu-based lodge of Aural Hypnox in Finland - on December 2006, and to the evocation of Unetar that Anti Ittnaa H., one member of Halo Manash, in Katajan Kaiku studio between January and March 2016. That studio has been described as 'somniferous' in the linear notes, which also mentioned the participation of JVK (moniker of Jaakko Vanhala) for the forging of the obscure and likewise somniferous hymn to Unetar, that gives the title to this output. The description doesn't belong to the creativity of some fan of Harry Potter or Game of Thrones, but it seems to refer to an entity described as the bringer of sleep, that maybe belongs to some old Finnish legends. As evidence of this origin, Unetar got also quoted by Leevi Madetoja, another composer based in Oulu a couple of centuries ago, who wrote a composition for male choir for this entity. The sinister trembling of bows and the electronic yells that could come by some wraith of The Witcher video game on the long hymn that Halo Manash made to evoke this entity highlights both the ritual aspect and the supposed role of Unetar, while "Valveesta", the second hymn, shows a different mixture of elements and even if it sounds ever darker than "Unetar", its radial frequencies and the gloomy vocals and breathes on the back layer of the sonic sphere makes it somehow more entrancing. Halo Manash also attached a 9 minutes lasting track, named after the above-mentioned ritual "Tulitania", which sets a heavily catchy crescendo stroke after stroke.


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