Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Timothy Clerkin
Title: Psalm EP
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Insult To Injury
Prepare to party like it’s 1992 again with this four-track 12” of feel-good, optimistic acid techno.

The title track has more than a few shades of 808 State about it, stretching Pacific-ish chords over curt drums and squelchy bass. It’s got a strangely lo-fi vibe about it, with even the digital promo sounding a little like an MP3 rip of old vinyl, just without the crackle and pops. The Balearic-style breakdown works very nicely, albeit a little on the formulaic side.

“Slave Too” ups the energy level substantially, chucking in a classic breakbeat and then *that* rave stab sound. It may have been out of fashion for many years but the sheer joy associated with it deserves to reverse that. It flirts with cheesiness a little with its hoover bassline and sounds left behind from the first albums of The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers respectively, and I almost begin to expect jungle rap samples to appear, but it keeps it together for a stomping rave workout. Jas Shaw (of Simian Mobile Disco) offers up a remix which keeps the same energy but takes it much, much deeper, taking one of the source sounds and filtering and sweeping it sharply, with a percussion loop reminiscent of Josh Wink tracks but faster and more aggressive.

“Exist Between The Spaces” is the odd track out, a three-minute downtempo number that sounds much more modern. It’s a curious sketch, with an almost poppy melody, and feels like it could be building to something, but it does feel quite out of place given the three tracks it’s sharing vinyl space with.

Even the vinyl has the appearance of a classic white label about it, a plain white sleeve individually ink-stamped with the label discreetly in the corner. A release that feels tailor-made for retrospectively slotting into middle-early-ages techno history.