Monday, September 28, 2020
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Laurin Huber: Juncture

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Artist: Laurin Huber
Title: Juncture
Format: 12" + Download
Label: Hallow Ground
Whilst this album is pitched as experimental, citing Huber’s connections to the Swiss experimental music and arts scenes, the four long electronica pieces that make up Juncture do not end up feeling very experimental to me. Beautiful, mostly yes, experimental, no.

Instead, these are four mellow instrumental pieces that take certain sonic elements from techno- but no kicks or snares- and layer them up into gradually ebbing waves of sound. Different melodic elements loop on different time structures, creating musical moiré effects that pull you in interesting directions and obfuscate any overall loop point.

More experimental elements do creep in, but at the edges, for example at the end of the first track where some more distorted rustling noise- sounding like a microphone accidentally left recording in a pocket- arrives rather brusquely. These are very rare moments in something that’s otherwise quite synth-purist in structure.

The fairly leisurely title track has strong shades of how Tangerine Dream might sound if they were forbidden from arpeggiating, a comparison that becomes stronger in the crisp, soft dubby white noise snares of “Jatkis”.

“Hostage To History” has more urgency from the off, faster clicks and hihats and a pulsing bass note switching the comparison over into more Underworld territory. This immediacy drifts away over its nearly twelve minute span, gradually turning into something more spaced out. Short final track “Globus III” goes the other way, keeping things firmly in melodic ambient territory with a lovely warm descending-note bassline that just seems to exude contentment.

Anyone looking for anything cutting-edge, or just edgy, will be nonplussed by this- but if you’re open-minded to a bit of very gentle melodic electronica with a strong intelligence behind it, this has a lot of merit.


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