Wednesday, August 12, 2020
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Artist: Scott Young
Title: Ket City
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Discos Capablanca
Across the five tracks of his Ket City EP, Scott Young takes on a variety of different electronica styles, and proves quite deft at each of them.

After the deeply glitchy beatless low-end scratchiness of “Social Climber Guide”, which serves as essentially a long intro, the EP starts properly in “Drum Orgies”, a driven collection of complex yet danceable kicks and electronic-meets-tribal sounds that takes elements of dub but works at a much higher tempo- around 120bpm, though it feels faster as it’s very busy.

“Hyper-Domestication” feels more old school and could easily be mis-identified as a Wagon Christ track, taking a familiar trip-hop drum loop and crunching it satisfyingly under a jaunty bassline and odd effects. The title track is less playful but still odd, a downtempo affair with low piano stabs and curious arpeggios that, despite being the title track, ends up being a low point of the release in my opinion. Final track “Pad Jacuzzi” is a slightly more conventional bit of deep techno, that takes some of the structure and principles of progressive DJ friendly tracks and twists them, replacing hits and kicks with found sounds, but keeps essentially to the established recipe of long synth pads and beats, and some lovely zappy sounds for good measure.

It’s a little showy to have a picture of a brain on your artwork, almost conceited in how obviously it is meant to be imply that this is intelligent dance music. But, fair play, this is electronica with a lot of thought poured into it, and some very interesting moods baked in.


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