Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: Inabile Caos
Title: 1.0
Format: CD + Download
Label: Essentia Mundi (@)
Rated: *****
1.0 by Inabile Caos is the project of Davide Denvito and this debut release, 1.0, is fucking fantastic. A unique sounding endeavor covering a lot of sonic ground but I was immediately hit with the same great vibes I get when listening to bands like Earth, Bohren and der Club of Gore, The Dale Cooper Quartet, Godflesh and other great acts pounding out chill drones and metal textures and cascades. If reading any of those band names perks an eyebrow… then grab this record immediately. It’s hitting all the right places. Stand out tracks: 1.4.1 really surges from heavy heavy to super sparse and chill. It’s a good journey. 1.5 is probably my favorite. The Twang of western flavored guitars drifting around in lost in time landscapes while the man with no name is dodging bullet snares and rimshots.