Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: Daniel & Mikael Tjernberg
Title: Death Of A King
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: self-released
Death Of A King is a short 2-track CD single of music written and produced by Daniel and Mikael Tjernberg, and performed by the strings of the Malva Quartet (MalvaKvartetten), with additional bass on the first piece.

The title piece starts somewhat abruptly, as though we have dropped into a longer soundtrack work that we have arrived late for, but quickly unfolds into a rich emotive melodic journey that avoids repetitive phrases in favour of a wilful free meandering of thought. It’s melancholic, as the title suggests, but not overtly sombre or funereal. If this were film music, this would be for the montage of happy memories more than for the sense of loss.

“Ad Interim (Minuet in G Major)” plays even more so to the traditional qualities of a string quartet and feels like it may have been plucked straight from a formal dance of centuries past, with a lilting top end and sweetly optimistic rises and plucking. A slightly more pensive mid-section leads into a positive and affirming end. It’s shamelessly feel-good classical by the end.

It’s nicely presented in a smart gatefold sleeve with artwork that seems purpose-made to retrospectively drop these pieces into classical music history. At only eleven minutes long, it certainly leaves you wanting more.


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