Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Simpatiek
Title: Auwey EP
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Tanzgemeinschaft
German act Simpatiek’s second release on the Tanzgemeinschaft label is a solid slab of upbeat techno that wins you over from the off.

“Auwey” is a positive, driving track that has a little bit of everything- bright piano chords (used sparingly), ethnic song samples that feel like a Deep Forest throwback but in a good way, bouncy synth arpeggios and a really endearing bassline. It doesn’t try to take on too much, plotting a steady and DJ-friendly course perfect for a mid-set smile.

BinaryFunction offer up a remix of “Auwey” that really seems to reflect the remixer’s Manchester roots, feeling like a modern techno update of that early 808 State and Hacienda sound that’s now evolved into timelessness. It’s a darker turn, stripping away a little of the positivity and making the chanting a little more aggressive, for some serious acid dancefloor business.

“Dawn” is a simpler affair, the same essential groove but pushed along by a strong, show-carrying bassline and a slowly appearing plinky melodic synth pattern that feels laidback wthout being lazy.

I’m still not convinced that two tracks and a remix qualifies as an “EP” but that’s just pedantry about the naming, since if trying to find fault with the tracks, it’s difficult to fault them. They’re workmanlike rather than genius, yes, but what a great job they do.


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