Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Meemo Comma: Sleepmoss

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Artist: Meemo Comma
Title: Sleepmoss
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Planet Mu
Meemo Comma is the solo alias for Lara Rix-Martin, the other half of the duo Heterotic alongside Planet Mu boss Mike Paradinas. Whilst not wholly leaving the electronica behind, the tilt of the alias is heavily towards ambient and soundscaping. Sleepmoss is an expression of how we ought to listen to the sounds of nature in alternative ways- taking heavily processed field recordings (in the most literal sense, recordings in fields) and combining them with hums, drones and electronic elements to create atmospheres that are science-fiction or alternative-dimension reinterpretations of sounds we take for granted.

Structure comes in the form of tracks like “Murmur”, with its stripped-back flute-like melody imitating birdsong whilst being accompanied by it, “Winter Sun” with its gentle looped melodic chord pad patterns, or “Lichen” with its initially quite optimistic-sounding synth arpeggios that gradually get washed away by mildly abrasive waves. “Amethyst Deceiver” rolls darker bass waves and bell tone echoes into something a little more menacing, while “Firn” puts us deep in undergrowth that can make us feel lost yet not threatened.

The title track is something of an anachronism, featuring rapidly flowing synth-string arpeggios that pull against longer melodic notes to give a soundtrack-like sense of downpour that carries an urgency not reflected in the rest of the work.

It’s an impressive accomplishment to produce a soft-electronica album so rich and textured that manages to side-step the clichés and familiar sounds of a fairly crowded genre, fusing the sense of nature with a feeling of meeting something sonically new. It’s quite understated, in its way, but for those willing to focus on the details, it’s a really rewarding listen.


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