Sunday, July 5, 2020
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DJ Spinn: Da Life E.P.

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Artist: DJ Spinn
Title: Da Life E.P.
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Hyperdub
Chicago footwork producer DJ Spinn’s return to Hyperdub comprises four tracks of a kind of lightweight tech speed trap, that walks its own path taking all sorts of influences up along with the way.

There’s both dirty and clean versions of “Knock A Patch Out” (the latter omitting the pussy references), a curious 160bpm monster that seems to be channeling the high-energy vibe of old happy hardcore but without the beef. “Sky Way” starts in sexier G Funk territory, opening like a seduction track but getting pulled in weirder directions by doubletime beats.

“Make Her Hot” is a percussion programming workout, taking a somewhat corny, possibly sample-CD sourced female ‘make me hot, oh’ vocal and setting it on some strong and unusual chords, but it’s the beat sequencing that shines here.

“U Ain’t Really ‘Bout That Life” feels like the most fleshed-out of the tracks, several lines of stuttered grime rap paying tribute to Teklife over more curious chord sequences and nicely wonkstepping beats, but there’s something about the swagger that feels off somehow.

It’s an odd 14-minute snapshot of the sound of footwork, it’s very natively at home on the open-minded and consistently high-quality Hyperdub label.


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