Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: Adrian Løseth Waade
Title: Kitchen Music
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Nakama Records
After contributing his violin work to a wide range of other Norwegian artist’s albums, this is Adrian Løseth Waade’s first album in his own name. He’s invited three of his friends along to contribute guitar, double bass and drums, but generally allows his violin to take centre stage, as the melodic source, the equivalent of the lead singer in this small ensemble.

The result is an intimate and homely set of folky experimental instrumental music that’s pleasant and largely unchallenging- exemplified by the title track which sounds like lounge music, in the sense of ‘lounge’ as in ‘living room’, cosy and relaxing. “Morning Routine” feels, as the title suggests, like a musical illustration of breakfast and teeth brushing, but without the angst of work pressure, and final track “Indoor Life” rolls along in a somewhat glib way that evokes thoughts of the end-of-day routine, an appropriate bookend. Inbetween, “Fuglens Cabaret” is a jollier number representing musicians enjoying themselves and each other’s comfort zones- a lazy day out.

“Hvitt Som Kokosnøttens Kjerne” stands out as an exception, a more sombre affair at first that curiously transforms into a leisurely park walk worthy of a black-and-white French film and which is the violin’s opportunity to show its more emotional side. This nine-minute track offers the breadth of tone that rounds the album out.

It’s a relatively modest release in its sound, letting four musicians play to their strengths to give a result that’s casual, in some ways unremarkable, but still a sure-fire win for lovers of the marginally more experimental side of instrumental folk.


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