Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Bawrut: Pronto Arpeggio

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Artist: Bawrut
Title: Pronto Arpeggio
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Ransom Note
Bawrut’s latest EP introduces itself (literally, in the press release) by saying “Summer’s in the air”, but with a September release date it feels like it might be just a little late. Fittingly though, underneath the soft top end of these tracks is driving, purposeful synth-house music perfectly suited to colder climes as well as warmer ones. Three long and deep original tracks are complimented by a couple of shorter remixes that bring the breadth.

The title track does exactly what its title suggests, a steady groove of extremely bright-sounding synth arpeggios over a steady tapping groove. After four minutes there’s a very confident tempo drop and extended breakdown, with the synths continuing to shift tempo even after the kick’s come back in- essentially a break-and-build lasting three minutes, which possibly pushes its luck too far on some dancefloors I would expect, but curious for home listening, and satisfying when the original groove finally re-establishes itself. KiNK’s remix simplifies things, avoiding the more complex elements and keeping things pulsing more conventionally, but still successfully.

“Shooree” is a clap-driven groove built around a familiar 3-into-4 pattern that proceeds with a simple relentlessness and slightly tribal vibe, pushed along by vocal noises. “Atchu” takes this a couple of steps further, sampling a rap mantra that sounds somehow both playground and hip-hop over a more acid-infused layout, with some lovely distorted rumble-punches for good measure. Sadly “Atchu” doesn’t get a remix, which is a shame as it might be the most interesting and distinctive track in the pack. On “Shooree”, again the remix has a rationalising effect, with the Ruf Dug remix keeping things simple and pushing the synthpoppy melodies forward in a cheery and inoffensive way, that’s a modern twist on the old balearic vibe, in a way.

Always reliable stuff from Ransom Note Records.


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