Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Imiafan: Videnie

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Artist: Imiafan
Title: Videnie
Format: 12"
Label: Falco Invernale Records
Rated: *****
It's four years since Imiafan released their latest album "Krv iernobielych Fotografií" and that one saw Imi team up with Martin Burlas and Ivan Štrpka. For the new MLP "Videnie", released for the French label Falco Invernale, Imi Végh teamed up with Miki Bernath for the music and, as for the previous record, Ivan Štrpka for the lyrics. The six new tracks are in balance from minimal synth and electro: the opening "Bez Úst, Bez Ozveny" is a mid-tempo track that can be also used on a dancefloor thanks to its hard beats and paced arpeggios. "Stupaj" is a faster one but is less dancey due to the many stops and go. The MLP continues with the dreamy cold wave tracks: "Videnie", "Kto?", "Vakuum" and "Krik Pred Ústami". Here, the suspended in time effect help to create the right ambiance for the Slovakian lyrics of Ivan Štrpka. The lyrics are suggestions and they paint a sort of suburban despair which teams really well with the music. Some excerpts: "Peculiar autumn when people are afraid to open letters, so as not to catch a whiff of death" or "Reflections fade, breath disappears. The subway rustles".


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