Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Artist: Daniel Menche
Title: Melting Gravity
Format: 12" + Download
Label: SIGE Records
Melting Gravity is a forty-minute work, in two parts, that layers up synthesis and oscillator-sourced drones, long acoustic string sustains, and moderately rapid sonic waves, putting you in a relentless environment that’s initially quite affronting, but into which the listener gradually acclimates. Teethier, discordant bow-like bass sounds play against more pure, digital-bell-like single melodic notes, while the strong tones manage to fluctuate from warm to disquieting with elegant subtlety.

It’s never excessively harsh or noisy, but never excessively pleasant either. Towards the end of the first part the string tones breathe a little more freely, which feels like a form of respite. The second part is calmer at first, a less undulating string bed framing some unusual, always squeaky bow work, before growing into thicker territory that more closely resembles the first part.

If you like your drones stringy, with a degree of grit that never actually gets nasty, then you’ll very much appreciate letting these tones roll over you.


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