Monday, June 1, 2020
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Artist: Tralala Blip
Title: Eat My Codes If Your Light Falls
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Someone Good
It’s almost a shame that the promotion for Tralala Blip’s first full album in over five years still puts so much emphasis on the five band members’ status as differently abled individuals, as it takes attention away from an end product which is worthy of attention regardless of how it was created. The fact there were additional challenges in its creation makes it more impressive, and no disrespect is intended, but it’s an album that deserves repeat listens regardless of the individuals behind it.

It’s a short 8-track collection of quirky alt-pop with a healthy dose of both modern-sounding and more synthwavey electronica elements. Bright synth pads, drum machine and clap rhythms, verse-chorus vocals and generally upbeat vibes are the core, with other details coming and going on demand. That said, there’s a modesty and a laptop-staring introspection at times that make it feel more honest and unique, especially in a group setting with multiple vocalists where vibes are sometimes more inclined to turn to party sounds.

Tracks like “Voodoo Pins” are relatively conventional, almost rock-like, with cheery 80’s stabs and chants that make it decidedly radio-friendly. “Voltage Flowers” makes me think of Ninthwave Records, while “Nightmare Land Welcomes You To” has a songwriting quality to it that reminds me of fellow Australians Infusion at their broodiest, whilst also having shades of M83 in the more droney production elements. I may be overdoing it here but “Dear Formless”, another highlight, recalls Midnight Juggernauts- coincidentally another Australian band.

There are odder moments too. Opener “Pub Talk” is a glitchy downtempo affair that would sound at home on Planet Mu. Ballad-like “Star Of Hope”’s heavily effected vocal takes on an Eastern-sounding mantra-like quality. “The Canyon” is a nicely atmospheric winding-down conclusion, an album-closer in a classic style.

If I could change one thing about this release, I’d tweak the mixes to make the vocals more prominent and clear. If I could change a second thing, I’d make it all last longer- it’s only 30 minutes in total- because apart from those two details it’s one of the freshest-sounding pop albums I’ve heard in ages and it leaves me very much wanting more.