Friday, June 5, 2020
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Artist: KOJI ASANO (@)
Format: CD
Label: Solstice
Rated: *****
Released on December 2003, ZOO TELEPATHY, WIND GAUGE and THE GIANT SQUID (A collection of short pieces Vol.1 - Works from 1997-1998) are the new releases by one of the masters of concrete music: Koji Asano. Just like the last three CDs release, also this time we've got three very different CDs. ZOO TELEPATHY is the one I like less as the three suites are based on violin buzzes and computer treatement. WIND GAUGE, instead, contains six tracks of improvised piano suites and summer field recordings. The effect is really relaxing and gives to the audience a sense of peace which gives the impression of being really into a desolate field and to be reached by the sound of a distant piano. We can't understand clearly if there's a melody or not but it's a good effect. The third release is the first Asano's collection of unreleased tracks and collects fourteen of them for a total lenght of seventy three minutes. The tracks haven't been released before because Koji has always been more interested into publishing long suites but these sound experimentations are really intriguing and could represent a good starting point for the ones who are afraid of Asano's gigantic discography or by his severe way of build a musical work, based mainly on one concept. This time we've got the opportunity of listening to the many moods and experiments of Koji and this enrich the listening of an occasional listener or of a person like me who like personal and varied works. THE GIANT SQUID contains piano improvisations, electronic treatments, field recordings, mad violins and distorted extravaganza. You can easily understand that this is my favourite one of the lot and for this reason I'll give to this review an high rate...