Friday, June 5, 2020
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INTO THE HOLE: Do You Want To Play With Me?

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Artist: INTO THE HOLE (@)
Title: Do You Want To Play With Me?
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Circle Rec
Rated: *****
I reviewed a pre-release version of this one several months ago and finally Alessandro sent me the definitive version. Respect the old one we find different tracks and enhanced versions of the old ones. This definitive edition presents six tracks for a total lenght of twentyfive minutes. The tracks here and there suffer of a nearly home made production but since Alessandro is a lover of '80s sounds (and you can see it from the sound he chose for the bassline, which recalls the one of early e.b.m. bands such as Front 242) it's highly possible that this has been what he wanted it to sound. From what I remember of the old version this new one sounds more furious and with some hard core punk influences here and there. From the use of the vocals on "Useless", for example, you can find an "in your face" attitude, where melody isn't the thing to care about but it's more like pure rage. Electronic, punk, rage and sickness are the main elements of this release and if you are into them this is worth a listening.