Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Trio Eletrico
Title: Echo Porcours
Format: CD
Label: Stereo Deluxe (@)
Distributor: Caroline
Rated: *****
Nuernberg, Germany based Trio Eletrico defies expectations with their new breed of dance-electronica, a luscious and tasty blend of cocktail lounge music, downtempo electronica, breakbeat science, raggae hints, dancefloor grooves, house vibes and latino flavors... The whole plot develops nicely and on the quite site, so it's a great and groovy chill out number, rather than a dance hit. The quality of the production and the tune writing is undisputable. It's no wonder on the other hand, considering that the trio's members include Boozoo Bajou's Peter Heider, Wildstyle's Ekki Eletrico, and Studio Wizard Peter Hoppe. "Echo Porcours" is the ideal soundtrack for your sunshine days on the beach, sipping cold cocktails while watching the surf and the bikinis... Only one question remains un-answered: why was the release date for such a summer-sounding anthem set to January 27th?