Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Nexus: The Taint

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Artist: Nexus (@)
Title: The Taint
Format: CD + Download
Label: Agoge Records (@)
Rated: *****
Here's another band from the Italian Agoge Records label called Nexus, and this time they really are gothic rock, well, sort of a goth-metal hybrid. Formed in late 2009 by vocalist/guitarist/composer Vlad Voicu and bassist Tony Di Marzio, they added keyboardist Lorenzo "Il Diverso" Mastracci a short time later and put out an EP called 'Death of Art' in 2013. So 'The Taint' is Nexus's first full album, augmented by live guitarist Diego Aureli and drummer Daniele DiGasbarro. One listen to 'The Taint' and you can tell this is a young band still finding their footing as they go, with some moments of awkwardness in song arrangements, and lacking in sonic variety to a degree. Still, you can also tell the band has potential, and an affinity for the darker side, which is requisite if you're going to call yourself gothic. Melodically the band harkens back to some of the goth-tropes of the '90s but doesn't wallow in the overwrought melodrama that could often be symptomatic of bands of that era. As a vocalist Vlad is pretty good when in melodic mode, but the few times he tries to "gruff it up" (for the harsher side of goth-metal) it doesn't quite cut it. His voice is a bit different than what you might be used to in goth-industrial music, but in this case, that's actually a good thing and works to the band’s advantage. Guitars are full industrial strength, but the keys/synths, although nearly omni-present, seem to rely too much on certain similar (melody) sounds throughout. I'm guessing this may be remedied by their next outing. Most of the songs are catchy enough, but you still get the feeling than in time, this band can do better. They seem to have the ability to create the perfect hit single, and even an epic track, but not on this album. The atmospherics just aren't in place yet, and the album seems to have a "live in the studio" sound that leans more towards ‘demo’ than full-blown production. Still, Nexus is worth a listen, especially since good new goth bands that don't sound like generic alternative ones are hard to come by these days.


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