Saturday, August 8, 2020
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Bartellow San Ground San: Amanogawa

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Artist: Bartellow San Ground San
Title: Amanogawa
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: SVS Records
Bartellow & Ground’s second limited edition EP is a nicely casual fusion of light-footed house and synth-electronica with more organic percussion and atmospheric elements. It’s lovely, steady-walking music with a nicely feel-good tone.

The cut-up retimed sung elements on “Holy Water” are a distinct bit of texturing that make it a highlight, whilst the title track is a more exotic and sultry affair with feminine vocals and a lovely rubbery bass sound.

But ultimately there is a slightly ‘nothingy’ aspect to some of the structuring that makes some of the tracks outstay their welcome a little bit and not quite manage to justify their eight-minutes-and-up running lengths. Fourth track “Orto Vision”, at only a minute and a half and a more abstract drumapella of sorts, is of course excepted. Is this release possibly just a degree or two too laid back?


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