Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Did Virgo
Title: Rise & Shine EP
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: La Dame Noir Records
Did Virgo has been DJ’ing in Marseille since the first night of the city’s first techno club, and further afield of course, for decades, and been involved in music production since the early noughties, but this is only his second EP release under that name, with the first five years ago- so it’s a bit of a rarity.

This is steady, generally 110bpm-120bpm house music with a supreme steadiness and a confident lack of drama. Synth bass steps reliably and unambitiously over simple 4/4 drum patterns, and a variety of synth details higher up to give texture. Opener “Show Me”, with its two-word vocal mantra, sets out this template very accurately. The lengthier spoken word work on “Glass Wool Acts” is strangely Yello-ish, while “Rise & Shine” has a more guitar-driven aspect to it that slightly recalls Rinôçérôse or perhaps a more American-ish EDM flavour.

“Kiss Me, Kill You” has a female vocal that’s English language but very French in pronunciation and stereotypical delivery, languid, soft and vowel-driven. It’s the closest intersection to pop, especially when the quite synthwave-ish arpeggios arrive. It’s the only track to get a remix, from Max Pask, whose re-take on it is rather straightforward- changing the sounds, making things sound a little brighter and poppier, but essentially it’s a remix that doesn’t venture very far from its parent track.

It’s a decent, steady, and DJ-friendly EP that will keep you relaxed but moving, without really rocking your world.


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