Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: W3C
Title: Event Horizon
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Infinite Machine
With an ongoing air of mystery, W3C follows up an excellent 2017 EP on the Infinite Machine label with an 8-track instrumental album that’s thumping, steady-paced, bass-driven techno with a decidedly sci-fi flavour.

“Cabin Fever” is an opening march that really sets the tone, a brutal low procession of low bass and kick decorated by an occasional three-note alien synth melody. The title track is somewhat lighter, pulling a drum-and-bass-esque breakbeat into somewhere around 125bpm territory, keeping the grumbling and pulsing bass ever-present but balancing it more with high pads and atmospherics.

Other highlights include the laughing clowns-ish pitch shifting synth notes on “Intoxicated”, and the more sedate delay-chamber pulses of “Paradise Lost”’s journey through an electronic jungle. The tension and distorted breaks of tracks like “Primordial” are among the elements that sometimes provide a gaming feel, ideal tension fodder for some first-person-shooter in alien territory, although the percussive hits of “The Year Of The Blood Moon” would undoubtedly confuse a gamer as they already sound like gunshots.

It’s a dedicated and rich 54 minutes of deep, semi-industrial electronic techno that doesn’t yield any major twists or “wow” moments, but which nevertheless gives you an entertaining and atmospheric sci-fi journey that’s easy to recommend.


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