Monday, September 28, 2020
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Eric Maltz: Dream Journal

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Artist: Eric Maltz
Title: Dream Journal
Format: 12" + Download
Label: Flower Myth
Eric Maltz’s latest 12” is made up of two tracks, both of which stretch leisurely instrumental jazzy synth-house grooves out to around 11 minutes each.

Although the title track ticks along at a very steady 120bpm, somehow it feels much slower, with its laidback bassline the key reason. Beginning with some cliché bongos, as it unfolds new elements arrive in slow procession, hihats filling it out somewhat, and three minutes in, a small, slightly Frankie Knuckles-ish piano riff arrives to tell us we’re on a long and very reliable little self-contained journey. Brighter synth chords around the 7 minute mark feel less like a breakdown and more like a shift into a different atmosphere, but it’s a false alarm, and before we know it we’re back to the original groove, which then spends the next three minutes gradually spacing out and meandering into dub echo on its way out.

B-side “Subliminal Virgo” has just slightly more vigour, rolling at 125bpm with a steady but soft kick groove and more emphasis on the twinkling synths arpeggios that dance around at the top. The overall structure’s very similar and they make a very pleasant pair.

While not necessarily as dreamy as you may be expecting, it’s a strangely soft and adorable pair of tracks that have a shade of throwback to the long indulgent house journeys of the 90’s, whilst still sounding fairly fresh.


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