Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: Pin Up Club / Conga Fever
Title: Zehn
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Mireia Records
This is a shared release, with Pin Up Club offering up “Dilapidated”, with the original and two remixes, and Conga Fever offering up “Chihuahua”, with the original and one remix, making a strong half-hour bundle of laidback instrumental house that’s got shades of electro.

“Dilapidated” ticks along around 120bpm with a mellow, synth-bass driven groove that’s quite jazzy. The Lauer remix adds a degree of drama and ups the synthwave just a touch, while the RSS Disco’s playful synth guitar leads a version that’s more lightweight and relies on the simplicity of the bass for its appeal.

“Chihuahua” is in similar territory, a nice perky walking groove with a strangely infectious high-pitched slightly squeaky melody that’s rather feel-good. As with the remixes of Pin Up Club, the remixes don’t fall far from the tree, with the Jacob Korn remix sticking with the same basic groove and making the whole thing a bit clappier and synthwave-ing it up just a touch.

A steady, middle-of-the-set and arguably middle-of-the-road collection of relaxed instrumental synth-house with a nice fuzzy warm feeling that’s hard not to like.


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