Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Guilio Aldinucci And The Star Pillow
Title: Hidden
Format: CD + Download
Label: Midira Records
This is the first collaboration between two Italian electronic-and-drone artists, both of whose work has been appreciated in its own right. As a new collaboration, it hits the spot on the first attempt.

After the relatively simplistic warm textured drone of opener “To Be Invisible”, the main course of the release is 27-minute work “Hypothesis For An End”- a very detailed and acutely planned-out piece of ambient work that melds all sorts of detailed found sounds and atmospheric tones over washes and beds of sustained and organic-sounding drone work. There are the gentlest touches of what may or may not be light industrial recording at the front which gives the piece a sense of time, if not actually of rhythm, and as it unfolds it gently shifts your base consciousness just ever so slightly, brightening and layering up to a rather beautiful if undramatic crescendo.

Third track “Third Space” opens fairly abruptly into a more cinematic space, the album’s only real surprise moment, though it settles quite quickly into a concise seven-minute wall of lush noise without much progression and with rather raw bookends. The final relatively short piece “Getting Cold” appropriately adopts a more fragile and icy tone that traces a smart curve that approaches gently and then tails the album away into nothingness.

It’s an uncontestable release from two confident artists tracing sonic paths that seem to come easily to them. Well worth checking out if you like your drones both beautiful and complex.