Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Book Of Air Vvolk
Title: Se (in) de bos
Format: CD & 12"
Label: Sub Rosa
The 18 musicians of this orchestra here perform a single 60-minute work compared by Stijn Cools. It’s a long, mesmeric piece of near-ambient performance full of impossibly long sustains, very soft bass pulses and natural atmospherics. It’s somewhat conventional, perhaps, but it’s certainly beautiful and strangely warming.

The waves and washes chart a steady and glacial pace as it progresses and, to an extent, evolves. Ryuichi Sakamato’s ambient works are a good comparison, though the gentle bass work at times also made me think this is what you’d get if you convinced The Cinematic Orchestra to relax on a single note for an hour.

Unchallenging, certainly, but nevertheless an exemplary exercise in slow music, accomplished with a stunning sound quality and justified confidence.


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