Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Happiness Project: Mutation

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Artist: Happiness Project
Title: Mutation
Format: CD
Label: Boredom Product
Rated: *****
Spring is gone and in a snap we are arrived to autumn and as announced "Mutation", the newest album by Happiness Project, is out. Like I wrote on my review of their previous EP, the new album has been released five years after the previous release and sees the band with an enriched sound with the additional production of JB Lacassagne (a.k.a. Dekad) and Member U-0176 (of Celluloide and label’s boss). Compared to the past on „Mutation“ we have more bass and guitar, along with some aggressive rhythm sound here and there but, as I wrote, it’s a thing that is enriching the sound which, as in the past, is synth based. Compared to the EP „Big Cities“, the album propose a balance of upbeat energetic tunes (as the opening „Big Cities“, „Sweet Heart Of Mine“, „A Better Claim“ and „Tell Me“) and a bit more intimistic mid tempos („Still Able To Love“, „Mutation“, „The Pumpkin Fairy Tale“ or „Ivak Trahor“ to name a few). Besides the professional production, which is a distinctive thing of the label Boredom Product, I might say that I have the impression that for the band this album signs their maturity as songwriters. „Mutation“ mixes science fiction bits with visiting aliens and everyday humans’ doubts: if „Mutation“ is a bit philosophic („The future comes to an end / as soon as tomorrow comes / the future come to an end / as far the technologies change… Mutation may be a better word / it helps us understand / nothing’s complete“), „Still Able To Love“ is more intimistic („Everything has blasted away / and has come to pieces in me / is my heart still able to love? / maybe I will soon again / but I’m lost in all these sensations“). At the end you’ll ask yourself: ain’t we all beings with feelings in the end? You can check and the whole album and purchase it here https://boredomproduct.bandcamp.com/album/mutation.