Thursday, July 9, 2020
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Artist: Andrea Neumann / Mads Emil Nielsen
Title: Refound
Format: 10"
Label: Arbitrary
This is a compact 10” collection of ten short numbered ‘correspondence pieces’ between Neumann and Nielsen where they experiment with piano-sourced sounds and process and rework them digitally into unrecognisable electronic shapes and atmospheres with a synthetic and sometimes slightly harsh attitude.

Super-short repeating glitches pan and warp over low grumbling sounds that sometimes make way for more harmonious layouts. Percussive elements drenched in delay are layered spontaneously, never really forming conscious patterns. At times, such as in part 5, there’s a certain sci-fi quality to the heavy use of effects.

It’s a very coherent 22-minute work, divided almost unnecessarily into ten tracks, but it’s very familiar experimental soundscaping territory and it falls a little short of the unique character or challenge that would make it really notable.


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