Monday, July 6, 2020
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Artist: Jonas Kasper Jensen
Title: Within The Temporal Experience
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Clang
Jensen’s previous drones and atmospheres work was built from electronic sources, but for this new 6-track collection the key ingredient is processed recordings of string instruments. These long, organic sustained notes and tones are layered up, reworked and effected into otherworldly environments that certainly sound deeply electronic, but the string roots don’t disappear and it never wholly detaches from classical string instrument timbres and the emotional shortcuts that they provide.

As such, what we’ve got here is a decidedly emotive collection of drones. It’s surprisingly warm at times, with glacially slow pitch changes working the tone in and out of pleasantness but never getting truly harsh. There are noise elements, for example in “Eternity In Finitude”, but they are, like everything else here, polished and softened into a broad gentleness.

It often languishes at the edge of your attention- “Silence Within The Sound” and most-melodic final track “The Passing By” both sounding like they could have been written for a tense moment in a video game where the audio was intended to unnerve you without properly being heard. There are occasional shades of rhythm, subtle pulsings within “A Shape Within A Material” that are barely audible yet carefully increase the tension aspect. “From The One To The Other” might be a good gateway track with which to introduce ‘the deeper stuff’ to fans of M83 or Radiohead who might be interested in delving deeper into what electronic music has to offer.

As temporal experiences of albums go it’s rather short, barely scraping over 30 minutes. Seeking “the boundaries between true music and naked sound” has brought Jensen into territory that won’t sound especially new or revolutionary to long-time listeners of ambient, but nevertheless it’s a polished and high-quality-sounding example of its kind and it does have the power to hit a nerve.


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