Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: Downtrend Shapes Renewal
Title: Dissonance
Format: Tape
Label: Ferric:Flux
The first release on Andy Backhouse’s Ferric:Flux label is anti-pop, of a form. A generally lo-fi collection of guitar riffs, screams and drones, muffled synth arpeggios, lightweight drum machine sounds, barely audible vocals and low-bitrate twists and glitches, it’s a sometimes indulgent and temperamental musical deconstruction with a point to make.

Tracks like “A Buzzword In The Hype Cycle” are bordering on anti-synthpop, heavy on the plinky sounds, but perhaps not the true “anti X-Factor” political statement that the unironic hype accompanying this release would have suggested.

It’s cathartic and it’s a bold opening statement for a new label, but unfortunately the production at times, rather than being boldly anti-establishment, ends up sounding like a poorly mastered bedroom demo, most notably on “Sifting For Compliments Instead Of Seeing”. The attitude does work in its favour in the more sound-design moments like the short closing piece “Garden Siren”.