Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Artist: Cold Voodoo
Title: AB+
Format: Tape
Label: Wide Ear (@)
Rated: *****
The title of this collaborative release by Tobias Meier (playing alto saxophone... I often spoke about some of his outputs, also as a member of collaborative projects, such as the interesting Things to Sound) and Silvan Jeger (picking a bass and known by followers of improv and free jazz scenes to play it on Christoph Gallo's group Day & Taxi) looks like the name of some strange new blood type and both the red-coloured tape and the graphics of the cover, but it could be a reference to the side A and B or the format they've chosen. Whatever it refers, it includes two long-lasting recordings (one per side), whose sound mirrors their bipolar sonic strategy, based on the exploration of two different emotional frameworks poles: according to their own introduction, as Cold Voodoo "they explore the tension of physical presence and exhaustion on one hand and of an external perspective and serenity on the other hand". Even if the listening is pretty demanding and requires a certain focus and aptly trained ear, such a duality in their improvisations is easy to perceive and it can happen you enjoy a part of each session just after you yawned during the listening to another part: for instance I enjoyed the second half of A+ - definitively more nervous, while the first part doesn't really enthuse my ear; they reversed the process and the moods on B+, whose first minutes sound really thrilled and electrified before scattering its rough electricity on the second half.