Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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Foamek: Radar Ruins

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Artist: Foamek
Title: Radar Ruins
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Youngbloods
Foamek’s Radar Ruins is a well-executed throwback to the gentler and more chin-stroking side of 90’s dance music, revisiting sunkissed late-90’s balearic chillout-meets-trance and some slightly deeper instrumental techno, pumped through slightly lo-fi channels.

The fusion of old-skool breakbeat patterns, long melodic pads and electronic squeaks in “Marshhide” strongly recalls early Future Sound Of London material, while “Heart Won’t Die” and “Prysm” recall mid-afternoon dancing on the beach vibes.

“Swing” has a bit of a French-style acid bounce to it that recalls Laurent Garnier or even Mr Oizo, while the bonus VIP version takes things in a more main-room direction. “Moving On” brings a more trip-hop flavour but still firmly cushioned and padded with mellow jungle noises and warm pads that put things in the territory of early Woob releases.

Opening track “Ingenue” is the most modern-sounding, in a slightly twisted way, as it involves the heaviest use of lo-fi effects and some interesting glitch-percussion work that demonstrate from the off that this isn’t ‘authentic’ retro but a reworking with a fair bit of its own imagination.

Doing for 90’s music what synthwave does for fans of the 80’s, I lapped this up. Being almost excluslvely instrumental it lacks a unique selling point that will give it really broad appeal, but if like me your collection of ‘proper’ trance and classic chillout material is sounding a bit overplayed, this will certainly pad it out nicely.