Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Bit-Tuner: Arabian Nights

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Artist: Bit-Tuner
Title: Arabian Nights
Format: Tape
Label: -OUS
Arabian Nights is a 40-minute live set in which Bit-Tuner layers up tapes of field recordings and other sounds sourced in Cairo over a collection of curt, jittery, slightly lo-fi electronic beats that gradually shift in speed, pitch and arrangement in complex ways that evolve without ever jumping.

The sections are numbered 1 to 5 rather than named, and they flow together but also have their own distinctive elements. “AN 1” is split into two parts and provides the most cinematic section of the release, with the most internal variation, before “AN 2” gets a bit grimier. “AN 3” has a notably steadier groove and uses car horn noises to strangely captivating effect, generating an atmosphere that’s simultaneously gritty realism and alienation. “AN 4” has something of a hip-hop swagger in its groove and leaves the atmospherics behind before “AN 5” ends slightly quirkily with synth pulses and a softer melodic element.

It’s a quite distinctive arrangements of sounds that stands out for its quite bold simplicity. Intriguing, thoughtful environmental electronica.