Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: Lesa Listvy (@)
Title: Way Home
Format: CD
Label: Cryo Chamber (@)
Rated: *****
Lesa Listvy is a Moscow based quartet which makes a large use of analogue tools and this it mirrored by the liner notes of this album. The history of tribe which return home, after a shaman persuaded them to go elsewhere, only to find nature fused with technology is a rather naive metaphor of a project which try to resist to the current trend of a genre plagued by the heavy use to digital technology used to create impressive sonic effect.
The first track, "Sunny Side", uses field recordings effectively in such a way drones merge in a cohesive whole bordering symphonic territories while "Reflection" uses the same framework in a more meditative way. "Evening by the Lake" is a more canonical crescendo based on drone's juxtapositions and "The Hedge" seems to follow the same steps when the introduction of a beat takes the track and reveals ambient house influences confirmed by the elaborated layers of "Obelisk" which create an evocative track and this musical direction is further confirmed by "Swarm" with its dub-like structure. The thick drone masses of "Lost Compass" mark a return to the dark ambient form and "Way Home" alternates ritualistic moments to ethereal ones. "Mechanism" closes this release with deep drones layered in the most canonical form of the genre.
This is a release which alternates canonical moments to more personal ones and reveal a project which is searching his own voice and it's a release that will be enjoyed by many with his variety. It's really worth a listen.


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