Tuesday, July 14, 2020
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Blastromen: Cyberia

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Artist: Blastromen
Title: Cyberia
Format: CD
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
Mika Rosenberg and Sami Koskivaara best known as the electro Finnish duo Blastromen, four years after their second album for Dominance Electricity are delivering for the same label their newest one, titled „Cyberia“. Available on CD and double 12“ (black or red plus poster) as well as digital (which contains the bonus track "Into The Void (Video Edit)"), „Cyberia“ contains ten new songs that somehow continue where „Reality Opens“ left. Conceptually the theme is like a story and this is the third chapter. Robots, humans, space travels and such are always the main thing although this time there’s a mysterious thing which involve „Cyberia“ and it’s what that is about. Blastromen write: „They call it awakening. It is now about to be born - the final invention of mankind. Perfect, limitless and able to raise beyond what its creator could ever forsee. It will remain after time has left humans. Cyberia“. So, what Cyberia is? A new city for cyborgs? A way to become a cyborg? That is unclear, but the cover graphic made by The Zonders let us think about something that went wrong. You can see a light coming off from what it seems a divinity. Who the people on the cover are? Some are looking like zombies, some others like experiments. The titles let the mystery opened for you to let your imagination run free. Here they are: Cyberia, Into The Void, Load Reload, Outsider (track that features Acid Hausmeister at the 303), Dream, Unite Arise, Signals, R.U.R, Light Traveler and Eternity. Musically, the album opens with three songs that are classic Blastromen tunes where vocoder, catchy synth melodies and haunting electro breakbeats are the key elements. Luckily, there are also tracks where the formula has been tweaked a bit and on tracks like „Outsider“ (more based on bass lines than on pads), „Dream“ (a short cinematic one with vocoder effected vocals where arpeggios and bass drum are upfront), „Unite Arise“ (another one focused on bass lines, drums and high pitched arpeggios), „Signals“ (these one have also little guitar like solos) and „R.U.R.“ are straight electro and less breakbeat and this is a nice counterpart to the other tracks. „Cyberia“ is an album to check for sure and the new influences are just great. A nice release brought to you again from Dominance Electricity!


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