Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: dormir dans la chambre froide ?
Title: Taboulet Razzia
Format: 3" Mini CD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
The band describes themselves as psychedelic / no wave, and their biography states, "Oublie tout. Ce sera mieux que de tout oublier," which Google Translate tells me means "Forget everything. It will be better than forgetting everything." So let’s get into this and see how this translates into sound. If the description was supposed to set us up for weird, I was a bit unprepared for the level of weirdness I was about to encounter. “Le Monde A Grandi” opens the disc with a slow moving, grooving track. Slightly distorted spoken word (in French?) permeates the track, as the bassline is punctuated by analog sci-fi bleeps and squalls. “Rewind Me” keeps the weirdness coming with more of that analogue goodness with a heavy dose of reverb for good measure. It sounds like they decided to sample an old 8-bit video game soundtrack and reconstruct it in new and different ways through a circuit bent Casio synth. And, of course, there is the obligatory cassette rewinding sounds in the middle. Overall, this is a lot of fun, and fun is sometimes in short supply in the experimental scene. All I can tell you is that I had a smile on my face listening to this, and I suspect that they put on a great show. The closest comparison that I could come up with here is The Residents. I totally didn’t expect to find something like this among the Inner Demons roster, but that is certainly not a bad thing. For a good time, pick this up. This album weighs in at around 19 minutes and is limited to 42 copies.


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