Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Uruk
Title: Mysterium Coniunctionis
Format: CD & 12"
Label: Ici d’ailleurs/Mind Travels
This is the second album to come out of the teamwork between Coil collaborator Thighpaulsandra and Italian jazzcore trio Zu’s bassist Massimo Pupillo. It continues the dark ambient sinister flavours of their 2017 album “I Leave A Silver Trail Through Blackness” and offers up two twenty-minutes-ish slabs of rumbles and growls playing against mellower pads and chords, a fusion of artificial and organic sources that unfolds with a super-slow calmness.

After a few minutes of the discombobulating sounds of purring alien kittens, first track “Spagyria” steps up a cinematic style of tension, as though underscoring the suspense part of a real-time horror movie. As it progresses it teases memories of “The Rites Of Mu” and beyond that, slightly more structured two-note synth basslines that almost hint at John Carpenter.

“Solve Et Coagula” continues in much the same vein, though the addition of some white and possibly other-coloured noise in a gradual build as the second half unfolds is notable for its anti-sleep properties if the preceding womb-like calmness has lulled you into drowsiness. Again, tiny glimmers of proto-techno and faintly industrial percussion pass by, fleeting, almost teasingly out of reach.

It’s a richly textured and highly detailed bit of dark ambient soundscaping with an unquestionable pedigree, one of those “you can’t go wrong” releases for late night absorption.


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