Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Autoclav1.1 (@)
Title: Daylight Saving EP
Format: 3" Mini CD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
I was unfamiliar with this project, which is the work of one Tony Young. According to his website, Autoclav1.1 fuses “huge orchestral compositions, IDM, Ambient, and Modern Electronica, with twinges of Industrial and Rock; Autoclav1.1 has gained a reputation for pulling on the deepest of human emotions with a variety of melody, frequently torn apart by paranoid beatwork and broken rhythmical structures.” This album consists of two tracks. The first, “The Cost of Light,” is an uneasy wall of synth and low-end rumble that envelops the listener. As the track ebbs and flows along, you get a sense of what the soundtrack to the earth moving would actually sound like. You, unfortunately, will not have the same experience that I had, however, because while I was listening to this the earth actually moved. Yes, there was actually an earthquake in my area and this made an excellent soundtrack to that feeling of motion. Don’t believe me? I verified it with the US Geological Survey and it was a 3.9 magnitude earthquake about 5 miles from me. I live in California, so it happens. “The Free Hour” brings it to a close with a track that brings in dark bass drone and waves of high end tones that make for an ominous feel. This reminded me of Lycia’s work, which is always a good thing. Overall this was quite good and made me want to hear much more of this artist. This album weighs in at around 16 minutes.


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