Monday, August 3, 2020
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FFI Digital: Untitled

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Artist: FFI Digital
Title: Untitled
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
Dan Fox must be one of the hardest working people in noise. As if Loss and Fail were not enough to keep him busy, in this batch of CDs that he sent in for review he unveils two more projects. This one goes under the name FFI Digital. The logic behind this project is explained on the project’s Facebook page: “Experimental music made from scratch in a DAW, using only freeware / donationware plugins. The revolution will be digitized.” So the question, of course, is what this stuff sounds like, so let’s get right into it. This disc consists of one track entitled “180110.” High pitched squeals mix with static, slowly going up and down in pitch. I imagine that this is what an air raid would feel like in your head. As the track progresses, the siren-like sounds take a bit of a backseat as metallic crashes come at regular intervals, giving it a hypnotic quality. As the track comes to a close, the grinding noise that has permeated the track begins to diminish as we are left with a pounding heartbeat over all of it that suddenly comes to an end. There is a lot going on in this composition, and FFI Digital manages to throw in a lot of variety while still keeping an internal consistency that holds everything together. This keeps the track from becoming too repetitive. Well done, and worth checking out. This disc weighs in at 21 minutes.


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