Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Marlon Hoffstadt
Title: Human Interpretations Part One
Format: 12" + Download
Label: Midnight Themes
Hoffstadt’s “Themes From My Future Self” was released in January and I called it “short of unique selling points but well-made, smooth mid-set filler”, but now Hofstadt has roped in six of his friends to do remix work on his productions to, you might think, broaden the scope beyond steady, sparse, arguably somewhat flat instrumental house grooves. But it would seem that these friends of Hofstadt’s are friends due to their very similar taste in music, because the breadth you find on some remix EP’s is not being injected here.

Johannes Albert’s and Bawrut’s mixes of “The Power Of Now” both keep things firmly in downtempo techno territory, with slow builds, soft kicks and gently repeating percussion patterns oozing familiarity. The Bawrut mix opens up rather more with a sudden twist of jungle SFX and some riser drama, giving it a bit more of an edge. Opal Sunn’s take on “Chemical Romance” has shades of acid in its built that play nicely against the jazzy smoothness of the soft breakdown.

The second half of the pack is made up of three mixes of “Cycling Since 94”, but surprisingly this is where the most diversity ends up being found. The Gramcy remix is an urgent-sounding bit of proto-techno with a distinctly 90’s flavour, in a good way, while Shun’s remix brings the brighter more melodic elements to the fore. Leaf Troup’s eleven-minute version winds us back to the steadier house rhythms of the first half, but with an appealing vaguely funky bassline that keeps you attracted.

It’s not one of the most diverse remix packages you’ve ever heard, for sure, but it rolls nicely.


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