Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Proc Fiskal: Insula

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Artist: Proc Fiskal
Title: Insula
Format: CD & 12"
Label: Hyperdub
Edinburgh-based producer Joe Powers has an energetic take on grime, blending up crisp fast-cut beats, 8-bit sounds, glitchy scratches and ripped-up short MC samples, and longer field recordings and TV and radio samples onto beats mostly well above 140bpm. Then that’s played against soft synth pads and lightweight key melodies that bring the musicality for a series of exercises in contrast.

“Kontinuance” is a prime example of the dual-tempo approach, the manic sample cutting and complex broken-up beat playing nicely against the gentle synth patterns. The kung-fu-meets-8-bit-gaming tones of “Vaudeville” are another strong arrangement. When allowed to breathe in some of the mellower parts, the synths do sound a little weedy at times, though sometimes that plays in the track’s favour, an example being “A Like Ye”, a twisted love song constructed from lo-fi samples..

There’s also a more playful side, with tracks like “2L” and the squidgy-sounding “Dish Washing” coming in quite bouncy, almost jazzy in parts, with shades of old Wagon Christ flavours. Besides some slightly cheeky recordings of Joe’s phone conversations, the longer TV and radio samples seem to be frequently sourced from documentaries and there’s a tendency towards aggressive Scottish accents, often requiring Parental Advisory stickers.

The Peter Hyams movie “2010” is one of my guilty pleasures so any album that starts with a fairly whopping sample from it will always bias me towards it, I should disclose that while I’m here.

It’s a strong package of electronica-meets-grime with some unique flavours, many of them making for very good listening, but maybe with not enough standout tracks to make you want frequent repeat plays.


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