Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Lossy: Gated Soul EP

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Artist: Lossy
Title: Gated Soul EP
Format: 12" vinyl + Download
Label: Boot Cycle Audio
Lossy’s fourth release “Gated Soul” is a collection of four tracks (plus one radio edit) from the jazzier side of electro-house, with some relaxed grooves, crisp but measured beats, languid pads, and Rhodes-style piano work that sometimes borders on the cheesy. It’s feel-good vibe stuff that sits in that gray area where it’s danceable, but you could also lie back and chill out to it.

“Blues For Jekyll” is a strong walking-pace number with gated pads, easy chords and one of those lovely sine wave subbass tones that makes everything feel nicely pure and simple. At five and a half minutes long, a four-minute radio edit feels a touch unnecessary but there’s no harm in it.

“Last Raver” is a little more energetic, with soft breakbeats and some nice rolling synth flavours that give it a decidedly Orbital-like feel. The slightly Groove Armada-ish trumpet (samples?) introduced in the second half of “Hocus Pocus” are a smooth touch, one of those little touches that shows you’re listening to a confident composer who knows exactly what he’s after.

“To The Woods” finishes things off with an unusual two-speed approach where the soft synth-organ arpeggios and rich-sounding flute melody sound like they want to be a ballad, while the beat underneath feels more two-step and garage-pop, but it’s a combination that gets pulled off pretty well in the end.

A strong, luxuriantly flavoured EP of jazzy electro-house.