Friday, September 25, 2020
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Happiness Project: Big Cities EP

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Artist: Happiness Project
Title: Big Cities EP
Format: MCD (Mini CD)
Label: Boredom Product
Rated: *****
Fred and Cyrille Tuyéras along with Christelle Fournioux, a.k.a. Happiness Project, are back with a new EP titled "Big Cities"; mini album which is anticipating their new album "Mutation", that will be released on September 2018. "Big Cities" contains four tracks on the digital edition and six on the limited edition MCD which is available now from Boredom Product, as usual for their records since 2012 on. It took five years to the guys to write new tracks but already from the first listening of the EP I have to say that it was worth the wait. I have the MCD, so I'll be able to talk about all the tracks and on this format you can find also "Our wish for more" and the remixed version of "Tell me more" which will be included in the album, along with different versions of "Big cities" and "Mutation". First of all, the opening track which you can find in the "video edit" and the seven minutes long version titled "Bigger cities", is an upbeat synths/guitar driven tune with Fred and Christelle dueting (but in this EP is Fred the main singer). Catchy melodies and cool production (JB Laccassagne of Dekad and Member U-0176 took care of the additional production) are the things that pop up immediately and if "Big cities" started the EP with a blast, with "Darkside baby doll" we have a mid tempo that somehow reminded me atmospheres a la Yazoo. "Our wish for more" is a really nice mid tempo which is in balance from a ballad and a dark synthpop song. "Mutation" is a particular one which could sound like an atmospheric kraftwerish tune. With "Tell me" we are back on hard beats like on "Big cities". On this one, Christelle is taking the lead singing a track which is kinda mysterious lyrics wise. This one would be perfect remixed by e.b.m. or industrial bands. The EP is closed by the longer version of "Big cities" I named before. While I was listening to the tracks I read the lyrics printed into the inner side of the packaging and it's nice to notice that they put their feelings and wishes into the songs as we can find: the wish of better cities and a slower approach to life ("Big cities") as well as a mockery of fashion driven people ("Darkside baby doll") or a wish for equity, liberty and integrity that often ends up in vanity ("Our wish for more") or the wish that the word "future" would be replaced by "mutation", because it includes also a feeling of hope. Nice one, guys...


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