Friday, September 25, 2020
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Artist: Sandro Mussida
Title: Ventuno Costellazioni Invisibili
Format: Blu Ray disc (BD)
It’s worth pointing out from the offset that I’m reviewing the 2-track stereo version here of a 25-minute work which was originally conceived for and performed in a surround-sound six-point-star arrangement with the audience in the middle of a circle of performers. So the high-quality-studio-recorded, surround-sound Blu-ray edition may bring a whole dimension to this work that a stereo mixdown can’t capture.

Even with only two speakers, what we get there is an elegant bit of avantgarde modern classical music featuring prominent piano decorated with some tense long violin notes, equivalent but softer offering from a flute and clarinet, sparingly-plucked electric guitar, super-light percussion (most prominently high-pitched xylophone sounds often used in films to indicate where nightmares and lullabies collide), “and computers” which manifest mainly as occasional synth-like key sounds and some distant odd loops.

Across the two parts, we circle around arrangements of mood, players responding to each other’s gradual changes of tone that sways us between tension and mild discontent on one side, and mellow melancholy on the other. There’s always a degree of space, never chaos, with an admirable sense of moderation and mutual respect- whilst not overall particularly minimal, each musical element exhibits minimalism most of the time. The result is broad and expansive tone that wallows in reverb with a degree of suspense.

A high-end product from the world of Italian modern classical.


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