Sunday, July 5, 2020
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Moon Gangs: Earth Loop

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Artist: Moon Gangs
Title: Earth Loop
Format: CD & Vinyl
Label: Village Green Recordings
Though pitched as the work of a classically trained pianist toying with analogue synths, Earth Loop is a fully fledged soundtrack-like instrumental electronica album that owes a lot to Tangerine Dream and Vangelis, and sounds like what TD could have sounded like in this century if their releases had had a bit more vigour and enthusiasm behind them. Bright analogue bleep patterns dance over bold, bright, super-keen synth and string-synth pads, while sparse dramatic percussive hits give everything a sense of importance and wonder.

“Second Run” has a slightly synthwave edge to it, like the opening overture to an 80’s sci-fi movie, but not in a kitsch way which is to its credit. “The Start” and “The End”, a deliberate musical book-ending, add hints of a male vocal sample that add a little extra nuance as well.

At points it could be accused of being a one-trick pony- every track feels a little like an attempt to synthesize the feeling of a bright new sunset, with tracks like “The Terminal” and “Tempel 1” not adding quite as much variety as they might. But with a running time of only 37 minutes, attention never gets over-stretched.

Overall it’s lovely synth-electronica with a hint of retro that leaves you with a genuinely warm feeling.


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