Friday, September 25, 2020
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Bawrut: 4x4

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Artist: Bawrut
Title: 4x4
Format: 12" + Download
Label: Ransom Note Records
Madrid-based Bawrut offers up a 4-pack of quirky, bouncy techno, where simple one-note synth basslines and 4/4 drum patterns are the DJ-friendly vanilla base for a variety of playful electronic wibbles that dance over the top.

Lead track “Three Sounds”’s bleepy riff borders on novelty but it’s the kind of hook that should keep it coming back for repeat plays. “More Cowbell”, referencing but not sampling the apparently quite litigious Saturday Night Live’s Christopher Walken sketch, predictably adds a cowbell layer to the fairly tribal rhythm pattern, over which a quite synthwavey bassline slowly grows.

“I Hear Voices” takes sampled vocal ooohs of different lengths and plays a catchy melody with them over mellow house groove of long lush pads and the occasional spoken-word sample of somebody who sounds like Björk saying “I hear voices”.

“Ghettoscar” is something of an odd one out, eschewing the usual DJ-friendly building intro in favour of showcasing a folksy sample of African chanting with its own inbuilt rhythm, which is treated quite reverentially and not cut up very much while the drums and acid bassline slowly get added.

A really enjoyable set of four melodic, positive techno tracks with a nice sense of fun.


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